Our kitty’s go home, spayed/neutered, chipped, vaccinated, snap tested and fixed. The adopt fee is $100.00, if you are interested, step one is to submit an application by following this link: https://forecloseduponpets.org/cat-adoption-application/
This is 1 year old Lil Momma. She is a short- haired gray tabby. She is a very nurturing kitty and wants to take care of everything. She recently had a litter of kittens weaned and she was a great mom to them. She misses being a mom but now she can live her best life ever. She gets along with other cats but dogs unknown. Update on Momma from her foster…She has a sweet face and an even sweeter personality. If you are looking for a loving companion, she’s your girl. She loves chin rubs, head bumps and lots of ear scratches. She loves to play with mice and balls. She’ll sleep with you at night and stretch out on the couch to watch tv with you. She’ll gently tap you with her paw if she thinks she’s not getting enough attention. She may take a few days to get truly comfortable in her forever home but once she does she’s an absolute angel. Good with other cats.

Fingers crossed Lil Momma will find a home for Christmas 🙂