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Penny – Female DLH Tortie 3 Years a 7/28/18 cn

Please say hello to “Penny” . She’s super smart- she’s knows her name and will come when called. She’s also VERY shy (especially with strangers and loud voices) so would probably not do well in a home with children or dogs. She’s never been outside, but is curious enough to go out an open door if you’re not careful to keep her safe. She also knows the word “no” – especially if you call her name, then say it firmly/in a deep voice when she’s doing something you want her to stop. She EVEN understands if you simply call her name and shake your head “no”.
When you first take Penny home, she will likely hide under the bed for a day or so. But if you are patient with her, she will come out on her own and will be one of the sweetest, most loving cats you’ve ever met. She likes to lie on your chest while you recline watching TV or reading and she also enjoys brushing to keep her beautiful fur tangle free.
She’s never had her nails trimmed as she’s particular guarded about her paws. When frightened, she simply freezes, I’ve never known her to bite or scratch- so she’s easy to get into her carrier for vet trips (which she HATES) LOL. She isn’t much of a talker, and doesn’t beg for food – but I think she might be approaching a weight problem. This might be a good time to start her on ‘controlled portions” rather than the free feeding she’s used to.
Penny sleeps in the bedroom with me and likes to have her own blankie or pillow at the foot of the bed and by the window for lazy afternoons spent gazing outside. She LOVES mini mice, and small things that roll (she has some with her) and playing with a string or stick that you swing for her. She’s a perfect lady when it comes to using her sandbox, but because of her long fur she occasionally has a hairball to throw up. I’ve been giving her hairball treatment food (which she has with her as well). Good with other cats.

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