Due to COVID, to meet a cat you first must submit an application at: https://forecloseduponpets.org/cat-adoption-application/ Yes, if they are on the website, we still have them. www.fupilv.org Our kitties will go home vaccinated/chipped/snap tested/neutered or spayed. The adopt fee is $100.00, if you are interested, please submit an application at: https://forecloseduponpets.org/cat-adoption-application/
Rory, 2 yr, marble tabby & white
Rory is a lover, and enjoys playing with a laser, wand toys and things
he can bat around on the floor. He was part of a multi-cat home, but
developed separation anxiety when his human went back to working long
hours after working from home during COVID. His anxiety has caused him
to start bullying the female cats in the home. Calming collars have
helped a bit, but he would be happiest in a home where someone is home
a good deal of the day. He prefers a quieter home; loud noise bothers
him. He typically gets along with other cats, as long as he isn’t left
home alone a lot. A home with a younger male cat that he could play
with would be ideal. He was raised with a dog, so should be fine with
calm dogs. He may take a little time to warm up in a new home, but
once he feels comfortable, he is a super friendly guy; he gives “hugs”
(head butts) on request.