My name is Sinatra. I have a very funny story to tell. When my foster mommy first took me in off the streets I was so severely matted (hence this stupid hair cut) she assumed I was a girl and quickly named me Angora. When I finally got in for my spa day got all the hair removed mommy had a big surprise. I was a boy. I handled the hair cut very well by an in-home groomer my mommy was very impressed. But now she had to come up with a different name. For awhile they called me Ol’ blue eyes which (I’m sure you can see where this story is heading) then turned into Sinatra. So really you can call me what ever you want. I just want to be in a loving home. I am very vocal I talk A LOT. I am also a cuddle bug who curls up next to mommy’s head in bed to sleep. I am litter box trained. I eat wet and dry food. Wait till you see how beautiful I am when my hair grows back. I’m ok with dogs, but may do best as the only cat. I am front declaw. He is 6.5 years old.