Aries isn’t for anyone…in a good way!
Aries… she is different, she is a one of a kind gal. Personable might be the right word to describe her. She doesn’t like large crowds. But boy, when I tell you, the 1 on 1 time with Aries is gold. She is pure treasure. She’s rare to find when you get her alone. She’s loving beyond words. She loves cuddling up to you under the sheets for hours. Pressing her body against yours. She loves belly rubs, oh, she LOVES watching cat TV. She could watch cat TV for hours!!!!
Aries is afraid of loud noises, large unfamiliar crowds, and anything that can make her feel threatened. But once she warms up to you, it could be a household of 10 and she’s out and about and enjoying her day.
Like I said before. She’s not for anyone but once you get Aries alone, it’s over. She’ll win your heart and she’ll never give it back.
She also loves sleeping long hours in the morning with you until you wake up. Either by your feet or under the sheets.
The adopt fee is $150.00, please follow the link and submit an application at: