Binx – Male DSH 3 Years


I was found in Overton. No rescues there could take me. So a wonderful rescue here in Vegas stepped up and now I am here...Vegas Baby! I am looking for my forever home. I am a 3 year old male with lots of love to give. The adopt fee is $100.00, please follow the link

Binx – Male DSH 3 Years2022-09-25T16:15:03-07:00

Carolyn – Female DSH Calico 3 Years


This is 3 year old Carolyn. She is a gorgeous calico. Carolyn is very happy to be rescued and living life indoors. She recently found herself homeless and trying to survive in the Vegas heat. Now that she’s been living indoors her easy access to food has caused her to gain a few pounds. She

Carolyn – Female DSH Calico 3 Years2022-09-25T09:22:47-07:00

Tulum – Female DSH 1 Year


This is 1 year old Tulum. She was found living behind a retirement home and the residents were feeding her. They soon found her to be quite pregnant so they called for help. Tulum was the mom to five healthy babies. She was a wonderful mom and spoiled her babies. Now it’s Tulum’s turn to

Tulum – Female DSH 1 Year2022-09-25T09:14:37-07:00

Herb – Male DSH 2 Years


My name is Herb, I am a DSH brown Tabby. I am 2 years old and looking for love. I am a cuddle bug and just a lovely boy. I am is extremely sweet and playful, and I am great with dogs, cats and kids. Words from my foster...He is an escape artist so precautions

Herb – Male DSH 2 Years2022-09-22T13:31:10-07:00

Tony – Male DLH 5 Years


Meet Tony, who is just five years old. He was found outside and reports are that he gets along with other cats. He is a beautiful, smoke gray, long hair ball of soft fluff! Sweet and gentle, maybe you should come meet him today! The adopt fee is $100.00.

Tony – Male DLH 5 Years2022-09-22T07:46:46-07:00

Cleo – Male DSH 1.5 Years


This is 1.5 year old Cleo. He is a short haired gray and white male. He is a relaxed boy who loves other cats and people. He recently found himself homeless when his mom could no longer care for him. You will often find Cleo relaxing on his favorite cat tree or in a comfy

Cleo – Male DSH 1.5 Years2022-09-25T09:02:21-07:00

Cheeto – male DSH 2 Years


This is 2 year Cheeto. He is a friendly white and tabby kitty. He loves people and is a talker. He came into rescue when his previous owner could not longer care for him due to becoming homeless. Cheeto is an affectionate boy and will seek out his favorite human for head nudges and belly

Cheeto – male DSH 2 Years2022-09-18T17:11:11-07:00

Blair – Female DSH 4 Months


This is gorgeous 4 month old Blair. She is a short- haired brown tabby. She is a bit shy when you first meet her but she quickly warms up. She is quite content playing and enjoying the company of her brother Jack. She also is a purr machine and loves human attention. She has a

Blair – Female DSH 4 Months2022-09-16T08:19:21-07:00

Mihley – Female DSH 4 Months


This is 4.5 month old Mihley. She is a medium-haired black and white beauty. She can be shy when introduced to new environments. Once she’s comfortable she is the biggest love bug. She likes the company of another kitty. She does not care for the small pups in her foster home. She would be best

Mihley – Female DSH 4 Months2022-09-25T09:07:49-07:00
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