Goldy – Male DSH 2 Years


Two year old Goldy came to us when his previous owner wound up in the hospital...we wish him well. He is outgoing and friendly, just an all around cat friendly boy. He absolutely loves other cats and his humans, he is such a joy to be around! He is fun, and energetic, we think he

Goldy – Male DSH 2 Years2022-11-26T09:06:55-08:00

Nadia Q. Nutterbutt – Female DSH Tortie 9 Years


Nadia Q. Nutterbutt, is a 9 year old love bug and beautiful too! She is robust and full of life. Enjoys lots of attention and cat nip. She is a wonderful senior kitty! The adopt fee is $40.00, please follow the link and submit an application at:

Nadia Q. Nutterbutt – Female DSH Tortie 9 Years2022-11-23T15:00:07-08:00

Bassett – Male DMH 6 Months


My name is Basset I am a medium haired male. I'm am so quirky and have so many cute antics I am a must see of a cat. Come make me yours today. The adopt fee is $150.00. If interested, submit an application by following this link.

Bassett – Male DMH 6 Months2022-11-20T07:02:54-08:00

Manatee – Female DLH 4 Years


If interested in this baby please submit an application at: to meet a cat (if on the website, we still have them). Manatee is a friendly 4 yr old girl with silky soft fur, a short and chubby stature and a cute meow. She loves gentle brushing, petting, wet food and Temptations treats, but

Manatee – Female DLH 4 Years2022-11-25T10:34:58-08:00

Purrdy – Female DSH 5 Years


Purrdy is full of energy and wants to be the center of attention. She tolerates other cats, but they usually pick on her, so she usually has scratches across her nose.. When she is happy the base if her tail flares out, and we call her Christmas tree tail. Loves neck scratches, not much on

Purrdy – Female DSH 5 Years2022-05-08T17:51:31-07:00
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