Chase – Male DSH 4 Months


This is 4 month old Chase. He was rescued from a FEDEX facility here in town. He was scrambling looking for food and shelter along with his siblings and mom. He is very thankful to be living a spoiled life indoors free from the cold and elements. His foster mom spent lots of time with

Chase – Male DSH 4 Months2023-12-03T14:22:49-08:00

Purrdy – Female DSH 6.7 Years


Purrdy is full of energy and wants to be the center of attention. She tolerates other cats, but they usually pick on her, so she usually has scratches across her nose.. When she is happy the base if her tail flares out, and we call her Christmas tree tail. Loves neck scratches, not much on

Purrdy – Female DSH 6.7 Years2023-12-02T17:55:06-08:00

Versace – Female DSH 4 Years


Here she is four year old Versace, who loves butt scratches and is very affectionate! She gets along with dogs, kids, cats and ferrets! The adopt fee is $125.00, please follow the link and submit an application at:

Versace – Female DSH 4 Years2023-11-29T14:05:52-08:00

Fresca – Female DSH 5 Years


Here she is! Meet five year old Fresca, she is our butter ball kitty, weighing in at 20#'s. We have her on a diet and she is doing fantastic! She will greet you at the door and comes when she is called. She has lots of energy for pets, brushing and love. She would do

Fresca – Female DSH 5 Years2023-11-18T18:04:10-08:00

Rio – Female DSH 5 Years


Thanks to Ilene Rivera who first rescued this baby... Introducing Rio, the sweet and affectionate brown tabby with a heart full of love! At 5 years old, Rio has already stolen the hearts of everyone she meets with her stunning brown fur adorned with beautiful spotted tabby markings. She is a social butterfly, getting along

Rio – Female DSH 5 Years2023-11-13T17:27:29-08:00

Sierra – Female DSH 2 Years


Sierra was found dumped and abandoned in wetlands park. Luckily, a cat angel saw her and rescued her right before she became a coyotes lunch. She is a very sweet cat, but will be shy at first. She does not like being picked up, but loves cuddles and pets. It may take a week or

Sierra – Female DSH 2 Years2023-10-30T17:15:50-07:00

Bassett – Male DMH 1.5 Years


Bassett is a happy, playful boy, just 1.5 years old. He's a champ at chasing toy mice, feathers, and laser pointers. You'll also find him gazing out your windows and joining you in bed and on the couch for a nap. Please know he has Calicivirus which means he may need to be your only

Bassett – Male DMH 1.5 Years2023-10-16T16:02:58-07:00

Sylvie – Female DSH 1 Year


This is 1 year old Silvie. She is a gorgeous short-haired ticked tabby. She has an amazing story to tell. She was found lost in a community and was picked up by a Good Samaritan and brought into rescue. The vet said she had a litter of kittens but her kittens were nowhere to be

Sylvie – Female DSH 1 Year2023-10-13T15:39:54-07:00
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