Adoptable Cats

Adoptable Cats

Julian – Male DSH 10 Weeks


This is playful Julian. He is a laid back little guy. He loves to play and run from room to room chasing his foster siblings. He’s a good eater and loves his soft food. He has a beautiful ginger coloring to his coat. He enjoys the company of other kittens and adult cats. He was

Julian – Male DSH 10 Weeks2019-07-11T16:58:39+00:00

Bravo – Male DSH 11 Weeks


Bravo, aka Little Man, is a spirited guy with a stunning coat. He was rescued from the shelter due a minor medical problem (now resolved), and is living his life to the fullest! He's curious, spunky, and likes to play with his foster siblings. He likes to check in with his human, and when he

Bravo – Male DSH 11 Weeks2019-07-04T17:08:42+00:00

Savoy – Male DLH 2 Years, 9 Months


Savoy is a handsome young man who is quite the mama's boy. He's a big lover, loves to be pet and purrs with your affection. He is very playful and loves to climb. He fits in well with other cats and doesn't seem to mind cat friendly dogs. He's very adventurous and would do well

Savoy – Male DLH 2 Years, 9 Months2019-06-26T15:53:07+00:00

Princess – Female DLH 5 Years


Five year old Princess is just that, a princess, who is very loving and friendly. Could you be her next Prince/Princess charming! Her adopt fee is $80.00. She was rescued after being trapped in a wall for one month. She was filthy, matted and starving. Princess was given a cute lion cut and loves wet

Princess – Female DLH 5 Years2019-06-16T17:58:42+00:00

Willy – Male DSH 5.5 Years


Five and a half year old Willy was surrendered to us because his human was getting deported...he is a quiet thoughtful cat who likes to cuddle with his favorite human. He has a huge personality, therefore, he must be your only cat. Dogs and kids are unknown at this time. The previous owner did let

Willy – Male DSH 5.5 Years2019-05-24T22:49:11+00:00

Bling – Male DSH 7 Years


This is stunning Bling. He is seven years old and as relaxed as can be. He is loving life every day since he was rescued from living outdoors. He is very happy and content just snuggling on a comfy blanket. He is a bit on the stocky side at almost 15 pounds but as cute

Bling – Male DSH 7 Years2019-05-22T16:11:28+00:00

Sea Biscuit – Male DMH 5 Years


This is five year old Sea Biscuit, he is a beauty of a kitty and loves to hang around his human and will rub up against your legs for hours. He is very graceful and poised for a male kitty. He’s a super big love bug and just wants to be cuddled. His adopt fee

Sea Biscuit – Male DMH 5 Years2019-05-20T18:13:28+00:00

Glen – Male DSH 5 Years


This is robust five year old Glen. He is shy at first but doesn’t take long to warm up to his human. He gets a little overwhelmed in large crowds of cats. He is basically laid back and likes to tuck himself away in small sleeping spots. He’s such a handsome boy. His adopt fee

Glen – Male DSH 5 Years2019-05-20T18:06:30+00:00
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