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Barney – ShihTzu/Poodle Mix


Barney is an 10.5 year old ShihTzu/Poodle mix, weighing 22 lbs. He was surrendered due to a change in owner's living situation. He is a sweet boy who is confused about what's happening. He gets along with people and other dogs. We don't know about cats. Adoption fee $175.00 If interested, please complete an application

Barney – ShihTzu/Poodle Mix2019-10-03T21:51:28+00:00

Shuki – Husky


I am a 4 year old male Husky in need of a forever home. I love people and other dogs. I’m new with Fupi so they are learning more each day about me.  Owner surrender. NO CHILDREN UNDER 10 HUSKY EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!! Adoption fee $225.00 If interested, please complete an application at:

Shuki – Husky2019-10-09T00:11:52+00:00

Sid – Yorkshire Terrier Mix


Sid is a 7 year old male Yorkshire Terrier, about 13 lbs. He was surrendered by his owner when her living situation changed. He is confused right now, and we are just learning about him. Adoption fee $225.00 If interested, please complete an application at:

Sid – Yorkshire Terrier Mix2019-09-21T00:39:55+00:00

Venus – Jack Russell/Poodle mix


My name is Venus, a Jack Russell Terrier/Poodle mix.  I'm about a year old, and weigh 9 lbs.  I was never claimed by my owner but love people and other dogs. I’m cute as a button. My sister is Serena. We don’t have to be adopted together but if you want us both it's ok!

Venus – Jack Russell/Poodle mix2019-09-11T23:29:41+00:00

Joey – Dachshund Mix


I am a 6 year old male Dachshund mix and weigh about 15 pounds. I love people and do best with small dogs. FUPI is still learning about me. Owner surrender. Adoption fee $225.00 If interested, please complete an application at:

Joey – Dachshund Mix2019-09-11T22:50:08+00:00

Wednesday – Husky


I am a sweet two year old boy that loves people and all dogs. Cats unknown. I'm just a happy boy and weigh about 56 pounds. I like to swim, and play on the trampoline.  Then I'm ready to nap on the patio.   I am house trained and would love a home with an active

Wednesday – Husky2019-10-03T16:50:24+00:00

Snowflake – Chihuahua


My name is Snowflake. I am a sweet girl, Chihuahua mix.  I am 5 years old  and around 21 lbs.  I was a FUPI dog once before, and now I'm back, but I'm not sure why.  I'd love a home with someone who will love me FUREVER.  If you have other pets, I am kind

Snowflake – Chihuahua2019-07-24T19:15:14+00:00

Coolie – Chihuahua mix


The shelter named me Coolie when they found me on the streets. FUPI has come to my rescue and is finding me a new home.  I'm a 7 year old male, Chihuahua mix, and weigh about 19 lbs.  I can be an only dog or be with other dogs.  I Love to play ball and snuggle

Coolie – Chihuahua mix2019-08-01T16:47:14+00:00
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