o the future parents of Clyde,

When I first brought Clyde home, he and his sister were hiding under the bed. I opened a can of wet food and stole his heart. Since then, Clyde does not let a single drop of dry or wet food go to waste.
He enjoys chasing his sister until she’s fed up with him. He enjoys playing with my plants, he enjoys sitting on my lap in the bathroom or when I’m watching a movie.
Clyde knows when you’re happy and Clyde knows when you’re sad.
He is the epitome of an orange boy tabby. He’s fluffy, playful, affectionate, loving, mischievous, and the list could go on all the day.
He loves his afternoon naps and his nightly zoomies. Clyde enjoys being played with and will even let you hold him as long as you’re going to crack open a can of wet food.
He is a forever right hand man to anyone.
The adopt fee is $150.00, please follow the link and submit an application at: https://forecloseduponpets.org/cat-adoption-application/