Meet twelve week old Knox. I’m the tiniest but the mightiest/bravest of my siblings. I love to lay in laps, or on your feet – oh and I can untie your shoes for you. My foster mom, doesn’t like it when I try to climb up her leg to sit with her while she works. I don’t know why she doesn’t like it but I’m learning to either jump into her lap or wait until she picks me up. I have the softest/quietest meow so, sometimes she doesn’t hear me so, I have to tap her leg to let her know that I’m waiting. I may be tiny but I have the biggest appetite and I’m always the first to the breakfast and dinner wet food. I love to wrestle with my siblings (Owen, Mila and Meadow) and would love to adopted with one of them (Owen is my favorite, hint hint) but I’d be okay with being adopted alone. I love playing with all the toys at my foster home, catching the “birdie on the stick” is one of my favorite activities. I also love to climb the cat tree, I was the first to give it a try.
She is litter box trained and eat both wet and dry food.
The adopt fee of $275.00. Copy/Paste