I am 12 week old Mila. My foster mom said I was the shyest, at first but now I love to climb in her lap for a nap. I have the softest fur. I love to play with my siblings (Owen, Meadow (my twin, although she’s bigger than me), and Knox). It would be great to adopted with one other but I’d be fine on my own as well. I love to play with anything I find, my favorite toy right now is an artist paintbrush that I found, I love the noise it makes on the tile floor and love sending it flying under the door and wait for someone on the other side to send it back. Soft balls or little stuffed toys are my next favorite, I love to throw in the air or send them across the room and then run and “attack” them. The adopt fee of $275.00. Copy/Paste https://forecloseduponpets.org/cat-adoption-application/