“Little Rosanna can shake, rattle and roll. She has CH which just means she is wobbly and has a shaky head. She will always be on the smaller side and need allowances for using the cat box. She is an ‘On the floor’ kitty. Since she is so young she is learning to compensate. When her head starts shaking to much she starts grooming and everything smooths right out. Her favorite place, in the world, is being held in your arms, which she will do all day if you let her. She is the most cuddly kitty I’ve ever met. She is also a talker and when she misses you, will call for you. If you have open arms to carry this sweet little furbaby, she will be the best emotional support kitty you’ll ever meet. She is a forever infant furbaby.
Nine month old Rosanna, she is just so sweet, playful and outgoing, look at her eyes…She is great with other cats and kids, dogs are unknown. She was found as a stray, but is inside now, happy and safe. If you are interested in adopting her, the fee is $100.00, please follow the link below and submit an application. https://forecloseduponpets.org/cat-adoption-application/