Spicy is fearless, ambitious, determined and adventurous 6 month old gray tabby. She doesn’t
give-up easily when she’s set her mind to accomplishing a goal. She doesn’t accept borders and needs to explore. She mews when she wants something. Spicy enjoys sitting partly on the back of an office chair and partly on shoulders to watch whats happening on the computer. Her favorite toy is a plastic syringe cap that she washes in her water bowl.
She brings it to play fetch! She also likes shoelaces and crumpled
paper balls. She doesn’t like to be separated from her family and will cry at the door until she’s with them again. She definitely likes another cats company.
The adopt fee is $175.00, please follow the link and submit an application at: https://forecloseduponpets.org/adopt/adoption-forms/cat-adoption-application/