Ivan – Cattle Dog


I'm Ivan, a 7 month old male Cattle Dog. I weigh 20 lbs. I'm neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. I love people and other dogs. I l am all puppy so will take time and patience. I was found and never claimed. Please come and meet me. Adoption fee $300.00 If interested, please complete the application

Ivan – Cattle Dog2023-03-28T15:38:38-07:00

Chewy – Chihuahua mix


I'm Chewy, a male Chihuahua mix, 4 years old, about 16 lbs. FUPI got me out of the local shelter where I was very scared. I'm not fond of being in a cage/kennel, but once out I'm a sweet boy who wants a home to call my own. I get along with other dogs my

Chewy – Chihuahua mix2023-03-28T15:02:08-07:00

Rory – Female DSH 13 Weeks


Meet 13 week old Rory. She is a beautiful gray and white kitten that is shy at first but super sweet once she's able to warm up to you. She loves to play with any soft or feathered toys. She enjoys wrestling with her siblings, especially Colt. She tends to calm him down and he

Rory – Female DSH 13 Weeks2023-03-25T14:45:59-07:00

Bowtie – Male DSH 2 Years


Two year old Bowtie wondered into a feral colony, but he is so sweet, the caretaker, swooped in and got him to rescue. Sweet and loving, this boy will be your forever friend once you welcome him to your home. He is a very social and friendly guy! The adopt fee of $125.00. Copy/Paste https://forecloseduponpets.org/cat-adoption-application/

Bowtie – Male DSH 2 Years2023-03-29T11:11:26-07:00

Dusty Fluff – Male DSH 2 Years


Two year old Dusty Fluff showed up at a volunteers home, he was rubbing on her legs and not being able to get enough attention. She brought him in and he spent a couple days with her and her dog and other cats. He is a very social and friendly guy! The adopt fee of

Dusty Fluff – Male DSH 2 Years2023-03-29T11:12:57-07:00

Biscoff – Male DSH 2 Years


This stunning two year old boy, just showed up and someones home wanting some love. He is a very unusual cat his coloring is a light mocha, it seems he may have a touch of Siamese in his lineage. He is super outgoing and friendly and would make a great addition to just about anyone's

Biscoff – Male DSH 2 Years2023-03-25T09:59:39-07:00

Tubby – Male DSH 2 Years


My name is Tubby. I am a beautiful brown and white domestic short hair. I am super friendly but need a cool down period after moving from one place to another. Change makes me feel uneasy. The way to my heart is through food. That's how I got my name. I will eat anything, so

Tubby – Male DSH 2 Years2023-03-24T12:58:40-07:00

Kai – Miniature Pinscher


Kai (aka Ikaika which means strong in Hawaiian) is a 9-month-old 11 lb. male MinPin. He was born with a deformed leg, but he doesn't let it slow him down. He is still a puppy so will need some guidance. He is a chewer, so be sure to keep cords and things like that out

Kai – Miniature Pinscher2023-03-13T13:23:51-07:00

Beatz – Male DSH 1 Year


Meet Beatz, he was living on the streets...until now. He loves other cats and prefers dry to canned food. He is a one year old guy, who would make a great new BFF! He is a gentle loving kind boy, who is box trained. The adopt fee is $125.00, please follow the link and submit

Beatz – Male DSH 1 Year2023-03-12T13:40:44-07:00

Meow Meow – Female DSH 1 Year


Meet one year old Meow Meow and yes! She is a talker! She loves to be cuddled and wants to sleep next to you. She enjoys playtime and is very outspoken. She is great with kids, but was not great with the resident cat. She may be okay with another cat with proper introduction. The

Meow Meow – Female DSH 1 Year2023-03-09T09:24:35-08:00
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