Sylvester – Female DSH Tux 12 Weeks


Sylvester is a 12 week old tuxedo female. Who doesn’t want a tuxedo in their lives. She is probably the most laid back of the siblings and has an amazing personality. She is quite affectionate and playful. She’d make a great addition to just about any household. All of our kitties comes fully vetted, this

Sylvester – Female DSH Tux 12 Weeks2022-08-08T20:20:00-07:00

Lina – Female DSH 12 weeks


This is 12 week old Lina. She is a pretty little gal who has beautiful marking throughout her coat. She is a playful gal and will provide you with hours of entertainment watching her interact with her toys and siblings. All of our kitties comes fully vetted, this includes, spay/neuter, chip, shots, snap test and

Lina – Female DSH 12 weeks2022-08-08T20:07:02-07:00

Whiskers – Female DSH 12 Weeks


This is 12 week old whiskers. She is a sleek black house panther. She is such a sweet kitty and just warms up to anyone quite quickly. You’ll often find whiskers playing with her toys or rumbling with her siblings. All of our kitties comes fully vetted, this includes, spay/neuter, chip, shots, snap test and

Whiskers – Female DSH 12 Weeks2022-08-08T20:01:49-07:00

Chara – Female DSH 1.5 Years


 Our kitties will go home vaccinated/chipped/snap tested/neutered or spayed. The adopt fee is $100.00, if you are interested, please submit an application at: I was a very young momma and raised my babies well. Now it's my time to find a family. I am a social butterfly that purrs at just the sight of

Chara – Female DSH 1.5 Years2022-08-09T22:25:43-07:00

Barcode – Male DLH Tux 5 Years


Five year old Barcode, is a cuddle bug and very easy going. He had a summer cut after he was rescued, due to matting. He is as sweet as can be. Won't you consider giving this love bug a forever home today. The adopt fee is $100.00, please follow the link and submit an application

Barcode – Male DLH Tux 5 Years2022-08-05T23:38:42-07:00

Anchor – Male DMH 3 Years


My name is Anchor I am 3 years old with a beautiful medium coat that is orange and white. I was suffering on the streets alone but was told that will now change. I'm looking forward to meeting my new family. Shouldn't take long:) All of our kitties comes fully vetted, this includes, spay/neuter, chip,

Anchor – Male DMH 3 Years2022-08-01T18:14:59-07:00

Quinn – Female DSH 10 Months


This is 10 month old Quinn. She is a delightful young short-haired gray tabby girl. She is absolutely into her humans. She loves human attention and is perfectly happy bring right next to her human companion. She is not too fond of other of other cats and would be best as an only cat. She

Quinn – Female DSH 10 Months2022-07-31T18:00:00-07:00

Dino – Male DSH 12 Weeks


Meet 12 week old Dino, he is friends with Cassidy, in fact, they are a very bonded pair, BFF’s and need to be adopted together. He is playful, outgoing and sweet, also house trained. He has a stunning black coat with little grey sprinkles in it. We wonder if he will outgrow that coloring. Anyhow,

Dino – Male DSH 12 Weeks2022-08-14T15:34:30-07:00
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