Chocolate – Chihuahua Mix


Chocolate is a shy 4 year old, 11 lb. boy who was at a local shelter. We are still learning about him, but he seems ok with other small dogs, and is ok with people after a few minutes. Adoption fee $225.00 If interested, please complete an application at

Chocolate – Chihuahua Mix2021-10-22T03:11:03+00:00

Angelika – Brussels Griffon Mix


I'm Angelika, a Brussels Griffon mix  2 yrs old that weighs 12 pounds. Fupi is just learning about me. I'm seem ok with people and other small dogs. Adoption fee $225.00 If interested, please complete an application at

Angelika – Brussels Griffon Mix2021-10-22T03:00:22+00:00

Rocki – Female DSH 4 Months


This is 4 month old Rocki .  She is a darling kitten.  She has the most stunning markings .  She is a torbi with lots of different colored swirls throughout her coat . She can be a bit shy at first introduction but warms up once she’s comfortable. She looked other cats and is quite

Rocki – Female DSH 4 Months2021-10-17T22:27:41+00:00

Noodle – Male DSH 4 Months


This is 4 month old Noodle .  He is a unique- looking kitten.  He has a very slender build with long legs.  He is a short- haired tabby but also has some orange coloring mixed in with his fur.  He has the most loving personality.  He loves to cuddle and will sit in your lap

Noodle – Male DSH 4 Months2021-10-17T22:21:34+00:00

Mariposa – Female DSH 1 Year


I am a black and white female, short hair, one year old.  I had babies on the street and they are in foster care now and the rescue promises when it's time they will find them great homes.  They told me I don't have to worry about them I just need to concentrate on my

Mariposa – Female DSH 1 Year2021-10-15T16:27:44+00:00

Dudley – Male DSH 2 Years


My name is Dudley, I am a two year old short hair orange and white male.  I'm kind of a bully to other cats.  Once they learn their place, I'm okay with them though.  They need to understand I'm top kitty.  My humans however I can not get enough of. My adopt fee is $100.00,

Dudley – Male DSH 2 Years2021-10-15T16:19:52+00:00

Lillian – Female DSH 14 Weeks


This is 14 week old Lilian.  She is a stunning tuxedo kitten.   She is a playful girl who is quite confident.  She was fostered with other kittens and adults so she loves  the company from another kitty.  She is a bit of a independent soul as she might not be the first one to jump

Lillian – Female DSH 14 Weeks2021-10-11T15:38:32+00:00

Manatee – Female DLH 3 Years


Due to COVID, to meet a cat you first must submit an application at: Yes, if they are on the website, we still have them. Our kitties will go home vaccinated/chipped/snap tested/neutered or spayed. The adopt fee is $100.00, if you are interested, please submit an application at: Beautiful Manatee has been

Manatee – Female DLH 3 Years2021-10-09T15:21:40+00:00

Potato – Terrier Mix


I am a one year old male Terrier mix and weigh about 8 pounds. I am possessive of my food. Fupi is just learning about me. I do shed, so if that's a problem, I'm not the dog for you.  Owner surrender. Adoption fee $225.00 If interested, please complete an application at:

Potato – Terrier Mix2021-10-06T23:31:27+00:00
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