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Fazio – Male DSH 4 Years


My name is Fazio. I am a 4 year old Brown Tabby with short hair. It is even a little shorter now because when I was rescued from off the streets I was very matted. So they shaved me. I have to admit it is a little embarrassing being seen this way instead of my

Fazio – Male DSH 4 Years2019-11-20T17:13:24+00:00

Biggie – Male DLH Himalayan/Snowshoe 10 Years


Biggie is a beautiful Himalayan/Snowshoe with sky blue eyes. He has a sparkling affectionate personality, is talkative and likes being with people, He gets along very well with other cats and small dogs. He is intelligent and great with the litter box. Biggie is 10 years old, his adopt fee is just $40.00. He does

Biggie – Male DLH Himalayan/Snowshoe 10 Years2020-01-14T00:19:49+00:00

Molly – Female DSH 7.5 Years


MISS MOLLY is a 7.5 year old tortie. She is very chatty and food motivated, and could stand to lose a few pounds. She definitely wants to be an only cat and rule the roost. She can be playful, but is more interested in exploring her surroundings and lap time. And food of course. Loves

Molly – Female DSH 7.5 Years2019-10-26T20:49:23+00:00

Stephanie – Female DSH 5 Years


Stephanie is a 5 yr old girl who loves her sister, 3 yr old Rihanna. She loves looking out the window, cuddling with Rihanna then suddenly running around the room in a burst of playful excitement before squeezing her big girl self onto your lap. This sweet laid back duo would cherish a family who

Stephanie – Female DSH 5 Years2019-09-06T18:36:55+00:00

Savoy – Male DLH 2 Years, 9 Months


Savoy is a handsome young man who is quite the mama's boy. He's a big lover, loves to be pet and purrs with your affection. He is very playful and loves to climb. He fits in well with other cats and doesn't seem to mind cat friendly dogs. He's very adventurous and would do well

Savoy – Male DLH 2 Years, 9 Months2019-08-14T15:47:18+00:00
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