Stellar – Male DSH 1 Year


This is 1 year old short-haired silver tabby Stellar. He is a stunning guy and he knows it! He is very majestic and stands proud. He loves to hang out with his brother Class. He has a gentle demeanor and would Most likely adjust to any household. He gets along with other cats but dogs

Stellar – Male DSH 1 Year2021-08-01T02:19:34+00:00

Class – Male DSH 1 Year


Class is a 1 year old short-haired brown tabby. He is a robust guy with a great energy about him. He is almost always seen hanging out with his bother Stellar. He can be shy initially but once comfortable he will want to explore his surroundings. He gets along with other cats but dogs unknown

Class – Male DSH 1 Year2021-08-01T02:19:44+00:00

Lucas – Male DMH 12 Weeks


LUCAS 12 weeks old DMH This beautiful baby came in with her mom (genesis previously adopted) and her brother Mateo. He is a very sweet snuggle bug with the most beautiful and unique markings and stripes. He gets along with cats, dogs and people of every age. He loves to come when his name is

Lucas – Male DMH 12 Weeks2021-07-27T20:38:10+00:00

Mateo – Male DSH 12 Weeks


MATEO (TAYO) 12 weeks DSH This handsome boy was turned in with his mom (genesis previously adopted) and his brother Lucas. He loves dogs, cats and people of all ages. He loves to follow you around wherever you go, he also tries to reach you from under closed doors. My adopt fee is $225.00 please

Mateo – Male DSH 12 Weeks2021-07-27T20:38:19+00:00

Boots – Female DMH 10 Weeks


Boots: I'm a fluffy little female kitty with the furriest, cutest ears you've ever seen. It's my standout feature besides my adventurous nature that borders on wildly playful. I start purring when people are around or even when I'm eating. I like to be held and pet plus I play with toys, clothes, hair, and

Boots – Female DMH 10 Weeks2021-07-31T19:56:10+00:00

Puss – Male DSH 10 Weeks


Her adopt fee is $225.00, please submit an application at: Puss: I'm a cute little male kitty of a few pounds with a sleek striped coat and a fun playful personality. I love to explore and am very curious about everything new in my environment. I already have some nifty skills with toy soccer

Puss – Male DSH 10 Weeks2021-07-31T19:56:02+00:00

Cedar – Female DMH Calico


This is 12 week old Cedar. She is a beautiful long- haired calico . She is an independent gal who loves to perch In high places and bird watch . She is a playful Kitty who isn’t afraid of other cats . She will explore her new surroundings before she is content. She loves to

Cedar – Female DMH Calico2021-07-26T19:15:58+00:00

Jasper – Male DSH 2 Years Tux


To meet a cat you first must submit an application at: Yes, if they are on the website, we still have them. Our kitties will go home vaccinated/chipped/snap tested/neutered or spayed. The adopt fee is $100.00, if you are interested, please submit an application at: 2yrs : DSH Tuxedo : Jaspers owner

Jasper – Male DSH 2 Years Tux2021-07-23T22:30:43+00:00
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