Robin – Female DSH Calico 7 Months


This is 7 month old Robin. She is a stunning short-haired calico. She is a fun little kitty and loves her toys and chasing her tail. She takes a moment to warm up to new situations but once she does she's a delight. Dogs unknown at this point and with proper introduction she can acclimate

Robin – Female DSH Calico 7 Months2023-03-12T13:34:13-07:00

Lemon – Female DSH 10 Months


This is 10 month old Lemon. She is a short-haired buff colored tabby. She is a great kitty. She loves pets and head rubs. She has been with her sister Limon all her life so is definitely used to having her around. She is a quiet kitty and likes to bask in the sun on

Lemon – Female DSH 10 Months2023-03-20T19:16:40-07:00

Bobbi – Female DSH Calico 5 Months


This is 5 month old Bobbi. She is a gorgeous short-haired calico. She has a very unique feature with her eyes. She has two different colored eyes. This condition is called Heterochromia and does not affect her vision. In fact, it makes her unique looking. Bobbi is a shy kitty and will need a patient

Bobbi – Female DSH Calico 5 Months2023-03-18T14:10:43-07:00

Coffee – Female DSH Calico 1 Year


This is 1 year old Coffee. She is a short-haired calico. She is a delicate petite girl. She loves attention and pets. She was fostered in a home with children and didn’t seem to mind the active household. She can be shy at first but once she is comfortable she warms up quickly. Dogs unknown

Coffee – Female DSH Calico 1 Year2023-03-06T20:33:10-08:00

Meeko – German Shepherd Mix – Adopted 3/18/23


I'm Meeko, a male German Shepherd mix 4 years old and about 34 lbs.  I'm a fun-loving guy, who loves people and other dogs and I love to give hugs.  I'm not sure about cats.  My living situation changed, so FUPI is helping me find a new home.   I think I am house trained.  I'd

Meeko – German Shepherd Mix – Adopted 3/18/232023-03-20T09:26:41-07:00

Ginger Snap – Female DSH 2 Years


Ginger Snap I am a 2 year old female. I got tired of living on the streets and decided home life is my goal. Thank goodness there a places for a girl to go and feel safe till this happens. Rescues are amazing. Meanwhile come in and get to know me. I'm a great kitty

Ginger Snap – Female DSH 2 Years2023-03-04T15:22:21-08:00

Tiana – Female DMH 1 – Adopted


My name is Tiana I am a 1 year old princess. My parents dumped me when they moved. I'm guessing they didn't love me after all. I'm hoping this time I get for real love. The adopt fee is $100.00, please follow the link and submit an application at:

Tiana – Female DMH 1 – Adopted2023-02-26T06:33:29-08:00
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