Tony – Male DSH 1 Year


What a difference, five weeks can make...this boy was found with third degree burns on all four paws and inside his mouth. FUPI rescued him from Lied and then the journey of healing began. With extraordinary vet care and lots of money and love he is now healed and ready for adoption. The transformation was

Tony – Male DSH 1 Year2023-03-30T15:45:10-07:00

Colt – Male DSH 13 Weeks


Meet 13 week old Colt. He is a spunky gray and white kitten that loves to get into mischief. He is lovable and very playful. He especially loves to chase any toys that make noise. He has a few siblings and they all love to wrestle. He would be great in a home with his

Colt – Male DSH 13 Weeks2023-03-29T08:32:07-07:00

Mongoose – Male DSH Tabby 1 Year


My name is Mongoose. I am a 1 year old male. I had to have reconstructive eye surgery so I could open my eyes. I once had entropion. That meant that my eyelids turned inward so my eyelashes were always rubbing against my eyeball. That was so painful. Thankfully a rescue took me in and

Mongoose – Male DSH Tabby 1 Year2023-03-20T21:25:33-07:00

Tiffany – Female DMH Seal Point Siamese – 5 Years


If you are looking for the perfect cat, look no further. Her personality is as stunning as her appearance. Fun facts, she is a purr machine and enjoys sitting on your shoulder as you walk around. Sooooo affectionate! Hi, I am five year old Tiffany and I am AWESOME! Don't tell the other cats, but

Tiffany – Female DMH Seal Point Siamese – 5 Years2023-03-21T17:11:17-07:00

Knox – Female DSH 12 Weeks


Meet twelve week old Knox. I'm the tiniest but the mightiest/bravest of my siblings. I love to lay in laps, or on your feet - oh and I can untie your shoes for you. My foster mom, doesn't like it when I try to climb up her leg to sit with her while she works.

Knox – Female DSH 12 Weeks2023-03-21T17:58:25-07:00

Owen – Male DSH 12 Weeks


My name is Owen and I am a 12 week old buff orange colored male. My foster mom said for a boy, I'm a scaredy-cat but the truth is, once I'm comfortable in surroundings, I'm all boy. I love to run, jump and chase the "birdy on a stick". I love to wrestle with my

Owen – Male DSH 12 Weeks2023-03-21T17:58:19-07:00

Simba – Male DSH Tabby 1 Year


One year old Simba is an amazing young boy! Super friendly, great with other cats, kids and box trained. Surely a shelter favorite! You won't be disappointed if you get to adopt this boy. Simba is neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped with an adopt fee of $150.00 Please submit an application at:

Simba – Male DSH Tabby 1 Year2023-03-16T07:01:52-07:00
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