Despereaux – Male DSH 1 Year


Hello my name is Despereaux. I got my name because I look like a mouse with the same name in a famous story book. I am looking for my furrever home. I love to play and I like to talk, but what I really love is to play and pounce and chase other kitties. All

Despereaux – Male DSH 1 Year2023-09-24T14:59:53-07:00

Gregory – Male DMH 14 Weeks


This is 14 week old Gregory . He is an adorable medium-haired kitten. He is quite shy and always has been. Once he’s comfortable he will play and climb his favorite cat tree. He likes to be held and enjoys mealtimes. He goes home fully vetted and my adopt fee is just $225.00. If you

Gregory – Male DMH 14 Weeks2023-09-16T16:49:15-07:00

Squeaks – Male DMH 3 Years


My name is Squeaks. I am a DMH 3 year old baby boy. When I was found by rescue I had a broken jaw. They fixed it as best they could and I can now live comfortably this way. I will always have a funny smile❤️. I am good with cats, dogs unknown. I go

Squeaks – Male DMH 3 Years2023-09-16T16:49:24-07:00

River – Male DSH 17 Weeks


River is a handsome guy, super affectionate, almost clingy at times. He likes to sit on your shoulder when you're sitting on the couch, or lounge across your chest. He's quite independent when it comes to playing, and loves little mice and springy toys he can carry around in his mouth. He gets quite lonely

River – Male DSH 17 Weeks2023-09-17T13:23:14-07:00

Sneakers – Male DLH 2 Years


This is two year old Sneakers, he is a love bug who is a quiet guy and just so cute. He is a long-haired gray cat with a mild mannered personality. He found himself homeless living outdoors trying to fend for himself. A nice lady found him trying to gain access to her home. Once

Sneakers – Male DLH 2 Years2023-09-13T10:38:49-07:00



I am 3 months old female. I am good with kids and dogs. I love to play with stuffed animals. My adopt fee is $225.00 and I go home fully vetted.




This is 6.5 month old Tux. He is a medium-haired gorgeous tuxedo male . He was bottle fed as a baby so can become quite attached  to his human companion.  He enjoys spending time with his brother Gingerbread.  He’d be a great addition to just about any household .

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