Penelope – Female DSH 3 Years


I am a three year old female. I was found outside a local business. Unaltered not chipped and emaciated. I'm looking for a loving home. After all I have been through I have earned all this. I am a great girl who will go home fully vetted. If you are interested, my adopt fee is

Penelope – Female DSH 3 Years2023-11-09T14:17:36-08:00

Karma – Male DMH 1 Year


Thanks Ilene Rivera for rescuing this wonderful little boy! Meet one year old Karma, he is a socialite to the extreme! He loves to be held in your arms like a baby, so very cute. He does very well with other cats, we think he would do great with kids too! He is awesome with

Karma – Male DMH 1 Year2023-11-29T18:34:35-08:00

Belle – Female DSH 12 Weeks


This is 12 week old Belle. She is a delightful gal. She is a short-haired tabby and white kitten. She's very loving and has a crazy loud purr. She loves cuddles and falling asleep on your lap. shes a very chill girl. She'll ride your shoulder as you walk around the house. Belle is also

Belle – Female DSH 12 Weeks2023-11-09T14:17:48-08:00

Bowtie – Male DSH 12 Weeks


Bowtie is a handsome 12 week old male short-haired kitten. He LOVES to play and is very active. His favorite toys are laser pointers and feathers on a fishing pole. He is very affectionate towards his sister and would probably like other cats in his new home. He's got very pretty spiral swirl markings for

Bowtie – Male DSH 12 Weeks2023-11-22T11:31:22-08:00

Mr. Snyde – Male DSH 14 Weeks


Meet Mr. Snyde who is 5 months old. He has lots of energy and loves to run around checking out every nook and cranny of his surroundings. He's fast but once you get him in your arms he purrs instantly and loves the attention. He has a few siblings and they all love to cuddle

Mr. Snyde – Male DSH 14 Weeks2023-11-10T18:20:14-08:00

Nala Berry – Female DMH 5 Years


My name is Nala Berry I am a 5 year old female. I am such a cuddle bug with the softest fur ever. I'm really happy about getting this opportunity. I've wanted a family for a very long time. If you are interested, her adopt fee is $125.00, please submit an application at:

Nala Berry – Female DMH 5 Years2023-11-03T17:08:54-07:00

Mantra – Male DLH 2 Years


In loving memory of Ilene Rivera...thank you for saving this boy. Meet beautiful two year old Mantra, he is a stunning little boy who does great with his litter box and gives hugs! He gets along very well with other cats and has made a friend in rescue named Karma, should you be looking for

Mantra – Male DLH 2 Years2023-11-09T09:31:54-08:00

Mirage – Male DSH 2.5 Years


In loving memory of Ilene Rivera who first rescued this baby... Mirage is a sweet 2.5 year old boy, who loves nothing more than a good pet and maybe even a belly rub :) He has had a lot of changes in his life recently so he may be a bit shy at first, but

Mirage – Male DSH 2.5 Years2023-11-04T20:00:01-07:00

Victor – Male DSH 1 Year


I am a 1 year old male love bug looking for a loving home. I like to play and make biscuits! If you are interested, my adopt fee is $125.00, please submit an application at:

Victor – Male DSH 1 Year2023-10-27T10:45:15-07:00
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