Grayson – Female DSH 12 Weeks


My name is Grayson but all my friends call me Gracie. I’m a gray/white 12 week old female. I’m a smaller, calmer, more ladylike version of my brother, Tyson. I like to pay but am more gentle than some of my other siblings. I also love to follow my foster mom everywhere! I really don’t

Grayson – Female DSH 12 Weeks2022-10-30T16:04:18-07:00

Winky – Female DSH 12 Weeks


This is Winky! She’s a 12 week old female fully black kitten. As her name suggests, she only has one eye. She had a struggle in the first days of her life but she’s a healthy little girl who’s one eye doesn’t slow her down. She’s never met a bowl of kibble she doesn’t like.

Winky – Female DSH 12 Weeks2022-11-06T18:39:15-08:00

Tuxie – Female DSH 12 Weeks


This is Tuxie, a gorgeous blk/white 12 week old female. She’s a sweet but independent little girl. Typical tuxedo cat! She’s always underfoot and loves to be with her people when she gets sleepy. Tuxie also likes a good belly rub when she wakes up from a nap. She’s very playful, and loves her feather

Tuxie – Female DSH 12 Weeks2022-11-12T15:21:24-08:00

Scrappy – Male DLH 3 Years


Hi, I wanted to introduce myself and tell you that I am currently up for adoption.  I am looking for a snuggle partner, a movie mate and someone who won't dump me like the last person I gave my heart to.  As a result to being dumped I was severely neglected for a long time. 

Scrappy – Male DLH 3 Years2022-11-05T19:07:22-07:00

Turbo – Male DSH 3 Months


My name is Turbo I am a 3 month old male. I will be the greatest friend ever if you just give me a chance. The adopt fee is $225.00, please follow the link and submit an application at:

Turbo – Male DSH 3 Months2022-10-25T15:03:51-07:00

Timmy – Male DMH 6 Months


Meet very active six month old Timmy, he was born on April 24th 2022. He is extremely social and talkative. He will follow you everywhere you go and loves to be held and carried around. He would do best in a home where he can get a ton of attention. He is likely a door

Timmy – Male DMH 6 Months2022-11-01T18:25:04-07:00

Moon – Female DMH 1 Year


Hi my name is Moon but my friends also call me Moony, I’m only a 1 year old female DMH black and white sweetie. I was found running down a busy street, after my foster family looked for weeks to find someone I belonged to no one came forward so they got me spayed, gave

Moon – Female DMH 1 Year2022-10-24T19:13:19-07:00

Colby – Male DSH 2 Years


My name is Colby. I was making a late night run to a gas station when a rescue person picked me up. She promised me forever love. I am super chill, friendly, laid back, outgoing, good with kids and other cats. I am a total love bug lap cat. I am a large, but not

Colby – Male DSH 2 Years2022-10-26T11:47:59-07:00
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