Marsh – Male DSH 5 Months


This guy is a character! He's super playful, but also loves affection and will come and sit on your lap. He loves to jump up on his person's shoulder, and is pretty gentle when he does so. If this is a behavior you wouldn't like, he's not the kitten for you. He's a lot bigger

Marsh – Male DSH 5 Months2023-10-20T16:43:43-07:00

Chanel – Female DSH 4 Months


My name is Chanel. I am a 4 month old female saved from the Roatan. In my adoption packet there is information about how hard the Roatan is for any animal. I feel very lucky to be here and will always want to make my rescuers proud. I will always be a good kitty. If

Chanel – Female DSH 4 Months2023-11-06T16:26:49-08:00

Duke Silver – Male DLH 1 Year


This is 1 year old Duke Silver. He is a long-haired gray striped kitty. He is a very stunning boy! He was found abandoned at a local park along with his sibling. He was having a hard time surviving so a Good Samaritan brought him indoors. He is quite happy living the indoor life. He

Duke Silver – Male DLH 1 Year2023-10-12T19:35:51-07:00

Willow – Female DSH 7 Years


Meet seven year old beauty queen Willow. She came to us after her owner passed away with her cat friend. He has been adopted, so now it is her turn. She is a short-haired light apricot colored tabby. She does okay with other cats and likes to sit on your lap. She loves cat nip

Willow – Female DSH 7 Years2023-10-10T14:54:05-07:00

Nero – Male DSH 3 Months


My name is Nero. I am a 3 month old male and a big love bug. I am a bundle of kitten energy too so I hope you are ready to play with me. I go home spayed/chipped/de-wormed/vaccinated/snap tested. If you are interested, my adopt fee is $225.00, please submit an application at:

Nero – Male DSH 3 Months2023-10-07T10:42:22-07:00

Marley – Male DSH 1 Year


Hello, my name is Marley. I am a big love bug and I like to be petted and brushed. I love to eat dry food but not a fan of wet food. I sometimes purr and knead while eating. I haven’t gotten used to treats yet but maybe we can work on that. I use

Marley – Male DSH 1 Year2023-11-11T15:14:23-08:00

Vino – Male DSH 1 Year


My name is Vino I am a 3 year old male. I'm so proud to be in off the streets. I just want a family to love. That's all I have ever wanted...could you be my family! I go home spayed/chipped/de-wormed/vaccinated/snap tested. If you are interested, my adopt fee is $125.00, please submit an application

Vino – Male DSH 1 Year2023-10-24T06:52:09-07:00

Precious – Female DSH 2 Years


Meet me, Precious. You know that everything goes great with black (cats)! You want an elegant house panther that’s two cups of love and a big pinch of pumpkin spice, don’t you? I’ve got your tickets to the next Boo! Ball… and whatever else you have planned. I’m 2 years old, snap tested (neg), vaccinated,

Precious – Female DSH 2 Years2023-10-18T18:55:39-07:00
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