Hershey – Male DSH 10 Weeks


Meet little short haired, 10 week old Hershey. He will melt your heart faster than chocolate on a Vegas summer day. He’s an affectionate little fella who loves to curl up in a lap to take a nap, a really long nap. If he thinks you’re not giving him enough love, he’ll do everything he

Hershey – Male DSH 10 Weeks2022-08-25T19:07:57-07:00

Opie – Male DSH 10 Weeks


Imagine your life starring Opie Taylor as your new best friend! Opie has short hair and is just 10 weeks old. He’s a cuddle bug who will be your constant companion. He loves nothing more than to curl up on his person’s lap to nap and nap and nap… And he won’t stop purring. He’s

Opie – Male DSH 10 Weeks2022-08-27T08:05:33-07:00

Jellybean – Male DLH 11 Weeks


Are you looking for a TV buddy? If so, meet Jellybean! He's a beautiful, 11 week old long haired kitten. Just look at that face! He loves to sit on the couch with his foster mom at night, watching tv. Full disclosure - sometimes he falls asleep but he never hogs the remote 😸 Jellybean

Jellybean – Male DLH 11 Weeks2022-09-05T13:06:47-07:00

Jet – Male DLH 10 Weeks


Snuggles, anyone? Ten week old, long haired Jet may be small but he has huge love to give! He purrs when you pet him, loves a cuddle, lets you bury your face in his super soft fur and is always willing to take a long nap in your lap. He likes to be brushed which

Jet – Male DLH 10 Weeks2022-08-25T19:07:48-07:00

Astro – Male DSH 1.5 Years


This is 1.5 year old Astro, he is a stunning boy with a Smokey coloring to her coat. He is a shy guy and does take a few moments to warm up to new people. He does seek out another kitty to play with and is neutral towards dogs. He has some energy about him

Astro – Male DSH 1.5 Years2022-09-23T14:58:26-07:00

Blessing – Female DSH 1 Year


My name is Blessing. I am one year old little lady. I was found roaming the streets with a very bad cold and broken tooth. I am all fixed up now and waiting to start my new chapter in life. I love pets but am scared of hands coming at me fast. I am very

Blessing – Female DSH 1 Year2022-08-20T16:24:42-07:00

Kelsie – Female DLH 3 years


Hi, I am a three year old gal who was found roaming the streets. I know what you are thinking a perfectly lovable, socialized baby like me does NOT belong on the streets. A good Samaritan picked me up got me vetted and went on the search for somewhere I can go into adoptions. This

Kelsie – Female DLH 3 years2022-08-20T16:24:49-07:00
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